We are ready to assist in the customs clearance of imported goods in the region of operation of Novorossiysk Customs. We also submit declarations in the area of activity of the Rostov, Krasnodar, Southern Excise, energy Customs, and the Moscow Central Economic Commission.

When submitting a customs declaration, we carry out inspections, weighing, sanitary quarantine control procedures, etc.

Advantages of customs clearance of cargo on the border for the recipient are that: 

  • You don't need to complete a package of documents for transit, which will significantly save you time and money;
  • There is no need to store cargo in a temporary storage warehouse;
  • Delivery of cargo is cheaper, because you do not need to pay for movement in customs mode;
  • The cleaned cargo can be transferred to any machine;
  • Cargo delivery times are shortened.
If more than describe actions in detail with the cargo at customs clearance, we will:
  • we pre-check the documents provided by the client;
  • defining the HS code of the Customs Union;
  • calculate the cost of customs fees and duties;
  • we check the cargo for certification and, if necessary, produce permits;
  • we draw up and submit to the customs authorities declarations for goods (DT);
  • we perform all necessary port operations with cargo (weighing, inspections, sanitary and quarantine control, etc.);
  • we provide documents to customs electronically or on paper;
  • we provide additional documents to customs upon request;
  • we perform additional operations after the customs declaration is issued.

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