About the company

ООО «Морская Логистика» это команда профессионалов с многолетним опытом в области логистики, таможенных услуг и внешнеэкономической деятельности. Компания оказывает следующий list of services:
  • Sea freight;
  • Customs clearance(customs clearance, customs transit including international);
  • Port forwarding(inspections, weighing and recalculation );
  • Auto, railway, air delivery of bulk cargo;
  • Delivery of oversized and dangerous cargo;
  • Warehouse storage and transshipment of goods (including under customs control);
  • Forwarding of quarantine cargo (including fresh fruits and vegetables);
  • Export clearance of cargo (including re-export);
  • Certification and insurance;

We are ready to assist in the customs clearance of imported goods in the region of operation of Novorossiysk Customs. We also submit declarations in the area of activity of the Rostov, Krasnodar, Southern Excise, energy Customs, and the Moscow Central Economic Commission.

When submitting a customs declaration, we carry out inspections, weighing, sanitary quarantine control procedures, etc.

Registration of internal customs transit in Novorossiysk is a service that our company offers to participants of foreign economic activity from the day of its foundation.

Our company processes goods according to the customs transit procedure, both to the internal customs offices of Russia and to the countries of far and near abroad.

We process customs transit either using a customs carrier's license or under the security of payment of customs payments during customs transit (a guarantee certificate with the deposit of funds to the customs office or guarantees of third parties).

Company Marine Logistics We are ready to offer special professional solutions for the transportation of perishable cargo: delivery, processing, registration and storage of all types of products that require careful attention to the temperature conditions of transportation. Based on this, we place increased demands on vehicles, warehouses and container equipment to ensure maximum cargo safety and the necessary storage temperatures and product proximity. 


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