Increased competition, business expansion needs, and globalization are the main factors that lead to the need to deliver goods from remote countries and even from other continents. It is not always possible to perform transportation using only one mode of transport. That is why the organization of international multimodal transportation is one of the most popular services for Marine Logistics clients.

What is multimodal transport? This term refers to the delivery of goods, during which there is a need to use several types of transport:

  • railway station;
  • air;
  • automobile;
  • marine.

You can combine them in different ways. Even when delivered by train or plane, it is still necessary to transport to the place of loading and unloading. When transporting by sea, even more vehicles will be involved, including large-capacity and feeder vessels.

The main feature of multimodal transportation is that all cargo delivery operations are transferred to a single contractor. Thus, the client is spared the need to personally order transport, control loading and unloading operations, and negotiate temporary storage of goods. An important advantage of multimodal transport is the ability to combine the advantages of different modes of transport and develop an individual route, taking into account the speed and cost of delivery.

The MARINE LOGISTICS company has been engaged in multimodal transportation for many years, so it offers a high-class service. You can be sure that all the tasks you set will be accurately completed, and the cargo will be delivered in a short time and in strict compliance with international regulations. 


Cooperation with us is your opportunity to save money, effort and time: as long as you continue to develop your business, we take care of transportation issues. Customs clearance of your cargo and obtaining certificates and licenses for it can also be our concern. A comprehensive approach guarantees the implementation of the door-to-door scheme at the highest level.

When choosing the route of multimodal transportation, the employees of the SEA LOGISTICS company take into account the nature of the cargo and start from what is important for the client: 

  • speed when transporting perishable and urgently needed goods (air transport will be used for most of the journey, which, however, will increase the price of the service);
  • cost of transportation of other goods (preference will be given to cheaper modes of transport, which will extend the time spent on the way).

In any case, we take into account the material interests of the customer, so we try to develop a route that requires minimal costs. Specialists of the MARINE LOGISTICS company take on the following tasks::
selecting the optimal scheme; 

  • cargo route planning;
  • detailed calculation of travel time for each type of transport;
  • organization of forwarding and insurance services;
  • providing control along the cargo route.

Contact the professionals of the MARINE LOGISTICS company and be sure of a 100% result! 


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