Marine Logistics company is ready to offer special professional solutions for the transportation of perishable cargo: delivery, processing, registration and storage of all types of products that require careful attention to the temperature conditions of transportation. Based on this, we place increased demands on vehicles, warehouses and container equipment to ensure maximum cargo safety and the necessary storage temperatures and product proximity.

By organization of transportation of perishable goods from Novorossiysk we are:
  • We strictly comply with the requirements of the legislation, which allows us to avoid additional costs and adjustments;
  • We guarantee compliance with the schedule of shipments of your goods and cargo shipments, both taking into account pre-agreed long-term rates, and in the "spot" mode, taking into account the current minimum rates;
  • We will organize re-loading;
  • We carry out forwarding and customs clearance of perishable cargo in Novorossiysk;
  • We provide acceptance, talman's accounting and warehousing taking into account all requirements to temperature and humidity that will allow to keep high quality of products for a long time;
  • We certify cargo for customs clearance and further sale in retail chains;

Additionally, we will organize the initial labeling of cargo in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations of food products and the re-labeling of goods taking into account the requirements of networks for labeling cargo.

Our advantages:

  • Reefer transport specialists working for the company;
  • Work only with verified carriers;
  • Coordinated work with customs and quarantine authorities;
  • Ability to handle large batches of refrigerated cargo on a monthly basis;
  • Storage rooms with a total area of up to 9,000 square meters allow you to store goods in the mode from +1C to + 17C, taking into account the commodity neighborhood of products.

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